CROSBY bolani | Southafrican Urban Muzik

For this debut release, the Munich-based crew behind FAYAH CHORDS has turned to two experienced vocal talents: South African dancehall mic man Crosby and veteran toaster Longfingah. Crosby delivers a trademark vocal on the skittish but soulful, reggae-influenced dubstep pressure of "Bad Mind Character", which was produced by FAYAH CHORDS crew member Ruffftec and TheBanktella. It's accompanied by two jaunty digital stepper dub/reggae reworks by Violinbwoy and Blue Hill respectively. Ruffftec returns to the controls on Longfingah's cheery, breezy and soulful dubstep bumper "Caught Inna Dem System". In this instance, the remixes were delivered by Subjactive in a wobbly early dancehall style followed by the killer remix of Phantom Warrior, who weighs in with an interpretation that looks to ragga-fuelled drum & bass for inspiration. This release provides enough musical fuel to light every dance on FAYAH.
By the way - the cover and vinyl presentation is delicately finished. A matt sleeve with white walled finish with an artwork depicting the artists fight against injustice. The vinyl itself is uniquely white.


A Better Place is Crosby’s first officially released album and sets a high standard musically and technically.

The Next Generation Family recorded all songs live in their own studio ‚Firefarm’ in Munich. Having Fyah T as an experienced producer and musician, Crosby was able to let his creativity flow freely and the results are 13 tracks of a musical journey, recorded and written in two week’s time. It’s a powerful reggae and dancehall album with a conscious message and a driving beat, lead by a voice full of soul. 





The album proves Crosby’s reputation as a versatile singer and songwriter. A Better Place is his personal message to the world, translating his dispute with the challenges of life in the ghetto and and the contrasting world he has faced as he’s traveled around the globe. 

Crosby’s positive approach to life shines throughout his music. He transforms his anger and frustration of the suffering of his people and the destruction of the planet into lyrics with a powerful message: We are the ones to be held responsible in order to secure our environment and its people so we can live in a better place. 



In his roots reggae song “Heart of a Lion,” of which a music video was released in 2015 and continues to run with over 7000 views on YouTube, Crosby addresses the poverty and crime with which he grew up and reveals the story of how he survived. It’s a mix of an unstoppable self-confidence, the faith in the powers of the universe, and expresses his attitude of “looking forward in life,” which took Crosby to where he is today and kept him creating after surviving a gun shot wound close to his heart in 2013. “It needs a strong mind and a heart to forgive” is one of the messages of the album, relating to his South African history after apartheid. With “Miss you,” Crosby shows us an emotional and personal side of his personality. It’s a song for his grandmother who raised him and who passed away while he was holding her hand. It was his grandmother who planted the love for soul and gospel in him and he is celebrating the two in the last song of the album, “Uthando,” which he sings in his mother tongue Xhosa. 

Crosby’s music speaks a universal language, one which has resulted in collaborations all over the world, and keeps touching hearts while we are inspired to keep dancing. 


Crosby has been confirmed for Africa Festival Wurzburg/Germany together with the reknowned german reggae artist Mellow Mark. Mellow Mark and Crosby have done a collaboration back in 2015 for his album 'Roots and Flugel' and have shared stage at Reggae Jam Festival, Bersenbruck the same year. The performance at Africa Festival Wurzburg will take place on the 27th May 2017.

Wurzburg was the first international tour that Crosby was part of with African Dope Soundsystem back in May 2005. This will mark more than ten years of re-appearing at the one of Europe's biggest festivals.