CROSBY bolani | Southafrican Urban Muzik

Fayah Pon Babylon


For this debut release, the Munich-based crew behind FAYAH CHORDS has turned to two experienced vocal talents: South African dancehall mic man Crosby and veteran toaster Longfingah. Crosby delivers a trademark vocal on the skittish but soulful, reggae-influenced dubstep pressure of "Bad Mind Character", which was produced by FAYAH CHORDS crew member Ruffftec and TheBanktella. It's accompanied by two jaunty digital stepper dub/reggae reworks by Violinbwoy and Blue Hill respectively. Ruffftec returns to the controls on Longfingah's cheery, breezy and soulful dubstep bumper "Caught Inna Dem System". In this instance, the remixes were delivered by Subjactive in a wobbly early dancehall style followed by the killer remix of Phantom Warrior, who weighs in with an interpretation that looks to ragga-fuelled drum & bass for inspiration. This release provides enough musical fuel to light every dance on FAYAH.
By the way - the cover and vinyl presentation is delicately finished. A matt sleeve with white walled finish with an artwork depicting the artists fight against injustice. The vinyl itself is uniquely white.